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The church of mans vanity

The church stood tall and stately
a mighty cathedral built to house the glory of god
and I stood outside its doors waiting for services to begin.
The parishioners filed by making their way up the steps
and I noticed on the bottom step an old man
homeless and filthy wearing only rags
and I heard one of the people whisper to another
of how deplorable he was and how they despised his presence there
and thus was gods will placed upon me
so I approached the man
and bid him come with me
leading him to the alter I knelt with him
and asked of a child nearby to find me a pail of water and a towel
the parish stood in astonishment
and the pastor approached me and asked my why I committed this act
sacrilege in his eyes for I defiled the holy place
with this vagrant man nobody wanted
as the child returned with the water I removed his shoes
and said to the preacher
surely the last shall be first
and he that is condemned in your eyes is blessed by god
washing the mans feet I removed the dirt from his skin
and said a prayer to god to cleanse his soul
I asked that man then to go forth and seek all who would come
and bring them here
to this place of divine splendor wrought by mans hands
and he did
and they came in mass to the doors
which by then had been closed by the church goers
and so I flung open the doors and bid them enter as well
speaking loudly
proclaiming gods glory
I led them to the baptismal pool
and one by one I sought salvation for their souls
let he that is without sin cast the first stone
I was arrested and removed
that church filled with would be saints
tainted by their own vanity
still stands today
but my father is not there in
for he sits in this cell with me
a prisoner of mankind's unwillingness to believe
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