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The Hammer

My dad he owned a hammer, way back when I was 4
a horrible, hard hammer though
it had no shape or form.
He broke my leggo with it
Crushed me as a sport
he scattered my toy soldiers
he smashed my little fort.

My dad he had a hammer, way back when I was 4
I was a little flower and I could hardly talk
"You are WORTHLESS, you are HOPELESS!"
is how I heard the blows and
I scream that mantra too myself
though his hammer's here no more.

A brutal and cruel tyrant had his hands around a tool
and aimed it at a little child before he started school
and the little child was spared the angst of feeling so afraid
by grabbing daddy's hammer and
handing himself the pain.

Now I dont want your hammer daddy
for you crushed me to the bone
Your horrible fucking hammer made me so alone
so take back your hammer daddy take back the pain you've sewn
from your horrible heavy hammer and
your heavy heart of stone.

by the frustrated mystic
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