jesus_h_christ4 (jesus_h_christ4) wrote in dpsociety,

Sometimes I wonder.

Are we meant to be lonely when alone?
Can a man not satisfy himself with self-contentment?
Must we all suffer this damnation into a hopeless void?

In this empty hole we must seek for something, anything, to fill it.
We sacrifice our morals, our values, and our standards to fill this space.
Is this the way of humanity?
Are we no better than the animals we eat?

We devour ourselves in this pursuit for something so seldom found.
We destroy our futures so we can be happy with someone to stand at our side.
Yet, when this someone at our side isn't right, the void just consumes them.
We take them into our distraught lives and strangle them of their own,
Only to realize what we've done and let them free when it is too late.
Should these acts of cannibalism be punished further than our own guilt?

Even when we think that we've found the right person.
The person that we can share life with, not abolish.
We torture ourselves even more with inevitable doubt.
Does she feel the same?
What if she isn't like I think she is?
Will she hurt me like I've hurt others?
What if she isn't who I want?
Will I destroy her like I did the rest?

This contemplation is the very contemplation one feels towards humanity.
We are nothing more than well evolved animals.
Our thoughts only exist to help us survive.
We only love to protect our children

But this cannot all be true, can it?
We can't possibly be machines, we have creativity and artful nature.
It's not true, is it?

This is a question we all must wonder. What separates us from the animals.
What are our loved ones but mates?
Is this why we cannot live without them, because this horrible deity of Evolution tells us to?

No, we can't be. Animals don't see beauty.
Animals don't contemplate the ideals of politics with their significant others.
Animals don't make love, they simply reproduce.

Does she see me as attractive as I do her?
Does she feel the same of society relations as I do?
Does she understand the importance of love?

But doesn't love help nourish our youth?
Doesn't this understanding of each other create a stronger bond, to further be better parents?
Does this love for each other breed love for our young, to better protect them?

Animals don't feel love, their companionship is based upon an internal attraction.
Animals don't desire others they hardly know, for reasons other than sexual encouters.
Animals don't have understanding of their companions.

Will she love me?
Did she ever possess such feelings for me?
Could I ever understand her?

It is in this eternal debate that we suffer.
We cannot be happy until we can suppress this doubt and contemplation.
We cannot be happy until we understand the basics of love and humanity.

Life is faith.
Love is hope.
Ignorance is bliss.
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